03 March 2014

it is only hair

What is a person to do when the Daytona 500 gets rain delayed for over six hours?? Why color your daughters hair of course. We had been planning to do it for awhile but the timing didn't work out. Plus we were venturing into new territory with this coloring-- two colors!!

Hubby and I had seen a really cool look that had a pink into a purple which was totally awesome. But we knew we couldn't talk Kira into pink so how about blue?? She was all for it.

Here is the during part. Poor girl had to sit there for awhile for the dye to work, but she managed.

Here is the after we dried it all. Love how it looks. I thought I had done better between the two colors but somehow managed to miss a few spots but we are happy with it.

Here is my beautiful daughter with her colored locks! She is totally rocking the look. Can't wait for her friends at school to see her on Monday!!

 Remember to vote yes on March 11th for our new school!!


  1. I love, love, love, love the hari!!! You're right, it truly is only hair! Our daughters appear to have the same color and length of hair!!

    Get a new school and I'll get a job up there!!!

    1. Dealio!! We'll know Tuesday by 9pm EST.