01 March 2014

disney 2008 trip continues

Time to lighten the mood of my blog and go back to some fun scrapping goodness.

I have been plugging away at our Disney 2008 trip ever so slowly lately. I keep getting caught up with things. Hoping to change that. Need more scrapping in my life!!

These will be the start of showing off our resort when all these pages get into an album. 

I added the charm that I picked up when we were there. Yup, had that sucker tucked away with all my other Disney stuff just waiting to find its home on a page!!

Our tickets are at the top. Alex did not have one since he was under three years and was free!! He didn't like that answer when I explained it to him while he was looking at the pages. Poor kid- just wait til he sees there are not that many pictures of him on this trip. He spent a ton of time sleeping in the stroller or in someones arms during that trip.

Thanks for putting up with my small town politics. I'm sure I am not done but for now- enjoy the scrapiness that I am sharing!!

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