10 March 2014

tomorrow we vote!


Tomorrow March 11th is the day that will decide the next course of action for our town.
That is the day where every single vote counts!
Make the time to get out there and vote.
Tell your friends and neighbors.
Offer rides to those who do not drive.

Yes this vote is monumental in nature.

Recap of items. I'll start with the timeline on the Junior/ Senior High School from its beginnings in 1925 to today 2014. That is 89 years of teaching of our town's children. School buildings are built to last about fifty years due to the changes in technology and teaching styles. Ours has been band aided together for over twenty years. It is now time to pull that band aid off and put our tax money into a building everyone in town can be proud of for the next fifty years (or more).

My favorite flier of this whole ordeal. Straight up answers most of the commonly heard myths concerning a new school being built in Newmarket. 

The latest letter from those 'concerned citizens' is now throwing out the option of another architectural firm to design us a building since Harriman (our current architectural firm) was let go from the Portsmouth school district. Let's look at that. Starting with the cost of another firm- would the No vote spend the money for another firm to do the work? Guessing not, they don't like to spend money. Yes Harriman was released from Portsmouth since that school district thought that a renovation would cost less than building a new school. Guess what?? That project is currently $3.3 million OVER BUDGET and the costs are still adding up with the 'cheaper' renovation option that Portsmouth went with. Maybe Harriman was right after all. 

We are at the end of the options Newmarket. This project will only get more expensive for every year we wait. Then who will be here to pay the tab??

Wondering who to vote for? The below list will help you. Newmarket Solutions has endorsed the candidates listed below.

Please write in Kathy Harter for the two year budget committee position.
There has been much 'slander' on the internet concerning her qualifications and that she is another rubber stamper only interested in spending money. There was also a discussion that write ins should not be allowed; that the only way into a position should be by being on the ballot. Trying to discuss with the vote No group that this is AMERICA and the right to do a write in candidate is for every citizen ended with petty replies and condescension. You can bring a Mule to water but you cannot make it drink. Or see the truth. Or have an intellectual conversation.

Write her in. She is more than qualified to help keep Newmarket financial responsible.

Another look at the beautiful rendering of the school. I cannot wait to drop my kiddos off at that building. Amazing amount of pride will be flowing out of that building into the town of Newmarket.


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