10 March 2014

vote yes march

This little seacoast town is simply AMAZING!
The number of people who have come together in support of building a new Junior/ Senior High School leaves me speechless. I can feel the town pride when we are gathered. I can feel how friendly this town can be. We all truly care about Newmarket. And we should- it is our home.

Sunday March 9, 2014 at 3pm- a LARGE group gathered behind the town library to kick off a Vote Yes March to the current Junior/ Senior High School building. It was a wonderful sight to behold and to be a part of.

This is towards the end of the line of families walking. (picture by Tom Swiatek)

Here is the front middle part crossing the road.

Great time once we got to the Junior/ Senior High School. Hot chocolate for the kiddos along with cookies. They also had the chance to draw positive messages on the side walks on both sides of the road. Too bad the snow fell today and washed them away. They did a great job on them.

Tomorrow is the big day!! Get out there and vote.

Renters- you can vote too! Even if your license does not have your current address. Bring it and a utility bill (to prove residence) and you can register at the polls! Let your voice be heard!

Here's to hoping this building is in our immediate future!!


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