26 March 2014

happy 8th birthday peanut

Here is Alex's cake. I was overly impressed that they actually had Pokemon at Walmart this year. He was so excited to see the cake when he came home.

Eight balloons for his eighth birthday! Also a plastic decoration in the kitchen.

Some presents for his day!

I added some crepe paper to his doorway while he was sleeping.

Daddy and I delivered balloons to his floor the night before his birthday as a surprise.

Inside his room looking out.

Plastic decoration in his room. I am pretty sure this will move behind his door so he can have it.

 Hallway decorations.

There is my birthday boy!! He is getting so big.

Present time!!

Oh look.... Lego's. Lots and lots of Lego's! Yes all those boxes above were Lego kits. All but one box was the Super Hero sets, the last one is a city set so that they Super Heroes can destroy the city while capturing the bad guys.

Little bit happy.

Big breath. It took him a few tries.

Cupcakes that I made for his class to enjoy. They also received a Pokemon pencil. Pencils are always a good choice for kids.

Happy 8th Birthday Alex!!


  1. Wow, you ain't kiddin'. That boy is getting handsomely big! I'm so glad he had an awesome birthday! We saw the Lego movie Saturday night and WOW talk about pleasantly surprised! I did NOT anticipate that awesome ending!! Happy bday, Alex, folks in Colorado are certainly glad you had a great day!!

  2. So cute! Eu amo conhecer pessoas que gostam de Pokémon, principalmente crianças, já que aqui no meu país riem da minha cara por eu gostar de Pokémon... PARABÉNS ALEX!