28 March 2014

the lego's have taken over

With the impending arrival of our puppy Gizmo, we had to figure something out for Alex's growing Lego collection. He had spread out on pretty much every spare inch of the floor in the playroom/ daddy's office. Not good for a chewing puppy!

We brought in a folding table we had in the garage to house his collection. I need to pick up a table cloth to cover and make this look better than it currently does.

BTW- we don't use the fireplace. We tried to get the chimney cleaned a couple years back and discovered that the previous homeowner had a chimney fire and didn't bother to fix it or let us know. Jerk. So we can put in a wood stove with a metal chimney for $1500 or get the chimney fixed for $3000. With those prices, it is currently just sitting there so putting the table in front of it won't be a big deal. Personally, I want to close the whole thing up and put a book case in front of it!

Here is one of Alex's Spiderman figures with a web attached to his head. The other end is on a building and is holding another Spiderman.

And look there... my finger in the picture!! I need to get some better pictures of his super heroes.

We have parts of a city as well as the Super Hero buildings and a castle. It's his imagination so it works. Oh yeah... forgot about the arctic buildings!

Alex told me that the Hulk is helping this poor person on the ground. ummmm.... sure he is.

Nice crane work!!

IronMan is in the middle of a battle as is SuperMan.

So much fun to see how he has set up these guys. Of course my pictures have to be taken when he is not around or he gets fussy with me. I will take more while he is at school.

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  1. Love, love, love, love, love!!! I could build Lego's with him aaalll day long. Love them. I am incredibly envious of his Hulk; big green rage machine, yep, love 'im!!