08 March 2014

myths versus facts

Newmarket Solutions did an AMAZING job with the second mailer they sent out. Check it out. It seriously rocks! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE this side!!

Favorite part of this mailer---

   "Myth #5: "The $45.1 million estimate does not include everything- and will inevitable cost more."
FACT: The bond is for exactly $45,125,263 and it is an inclusive estimate * from a third party consultant. Among many things, it includes the construction of the new building, demolition and hazardous waste removal, bidding documentation, permits, insurance, furnishings and a recommended 5% contingency for cost overruns. * Provided by independent estimator Jobin Construction Consultants, the cost includes $31.9 million (the new building); $6 million (demolition of the old building and hazardous waste removal); $7 million (bidding documentation, permits, insurance, furnishings, and a 5 percent contingency for cost overruns)."

Love the breakdown on the use of the bonded monies. There is the No vote peoples $30 million school!! We did what they kept asking us to do. The rest of the monies are for the expected costs associated with a building project. I want to sky write this, run up and down Main Street with a clapboard sign on me with this, and post it to every single vote no sign in town!!


Let's get the school built for the future of Newmarket!!

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