09 March 2014

a couple of smart cookies

*** This was taken from the Newmarket Solutions Facebook page and the writers wished it to be shared with everyone!! So here goes.... ***

This couple asked that the letter they wrote be circulated to as many people as possible. They are on a fixed income but do support the school. Read their thoughts below:

To our Newmarket Neighbors:

We are writing in support of Article 1, for a school construction bond, which will provide the funding to build a new junior and senior high school for our town.

In June 2013 we moved to Newmarket from Ohio. We chose Newmarket because of its quaint downtown and proximity to UNH, Great Bay, and the seacoast. We are retired, on a fixed income, and have no children or other relatives attending or working in the Newmarket schools. We’re just part of the Newmarket community and want to see it grow and thrive.

In Ohio, we had the opportunity to see the powerful impact of a new school building on its community. The school infused the town with positive energy. Residents felt good about their community, which, in turn, increased the demand for housing, which led to higher property values.

The new school funded by Article 1 will have a similar impact on Newmarket. We are in the enviable position of having a real downtown, unlike many surrounding towns. The addition of the new school will make Newmarket even more attractive to homebuyers and businesses. (Maybe even a supermarket!)

Will our taxes go up? Sure, and no one likes that. But one way or another taxes will rise as a result of the existing junior/senior high building situation. We’d rather see our future tax dollars spent in a way that benefits the entire community than limp along trying to maintain a building that has served the community well, but is itself ready for retirement.

The Newmarket school district has done an excellent job analyzing the complex issues and options. We encourage you to read their comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions document which is available at the library and on-line at newmarket.k12.nh.us (look for the FAQ Booklet under the Facilities heading in the left-side navigation bar).

Building a new school is not only the right thing to do for the children of Newmarket, it’s the right thing to do for everyone in our community. Thank you for your serious consideration of the importance of this vote.

Elaine & Steve Portalupi

Well said Elaine and Steve!! 

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