12 March 2014

silver lining

Yesterday our town voted on whether to approve the funds necessary to build a new Junior/ Senior High School as the current one is lacking in many many aspects making it an eyesore for the town. However, once again Newmarket has shown its true face and did not approve the funds. There are people who still believe we can work with another town on a tuition agreement (maybe a town in Massachusetts will take us?) or that the project can be done for $20 million. I would hate to see the $20 million school being built as it would be as useless as our current facility and would need to be added on to in the near future.

After months of positive energy flowing from the Yes vote people, it was a let down last night when it was announced that the warrant article did not pass. Facebook was swarmed with unhappy people. Once the morning came we are still sad about the outcome, however we are bouncing back so to speak. We are picking ourselves up and are happy with all that we did accomplish for this election. 

There are three new board members on the budget committee who are not about doing business the way it has been done since Newmarket was established. The voter turnout was unbelievably amazing yesterday!! The polls had to stay open late because the line to get into the building was so long. Our Yes vote received almost 50%! That is the biggest amount we have had concerning a new school- ever! The Yes side ran a clean campaign and spread truth without resorting to misinformation. 

We also showed that we will put our names and faces out in the public for something we believe in. We did good Newmarket! Pat yourselves on the back for an election that had people meeting for the first time and now friendships have been created.

We got this! Next March will be different. Keep the momentum going.


Image created by Nicole Roy. She asked all of us to post words/ phrases we thought of when we looked back on this election. The larger the word, the more times it was mentioned. Looks like we have an amazing COMMUNITY!! I have to agree.

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