25 March 2014

back in time disney 2008 to be exact

Yup I am still cranking through this trip! I am trying to finish up our first day. I have been scrapping out of order so I have some days done and some not and parts of other days almost done. Saying that, I had to face my OCD tendencies and get back to scrapping in order. Feeling better with this way of scrapping this trip. I really would like to have it done before we head back down in October!!

This is when we were waiting for Nana and Papa to join us (later flight) so we checked in our carryons with the hotel and visited the resort.

When Nana and Papa arrived, we headed off to Downtown Disney for lunch and some pre-park shopping. I used PageMaps for both of these layouts. Of course I edit where needed but all is good.

What I have noticed is that many pictures include Kira and not so many of our little guy. Reason for that was he was in his stroller and many times did not want to get out. If he did, he would run off! I would think twice before taking a two year old to Disney. He got overstimulated many times and had MANY tantrums. But we all survived. There are many more pictures of Alex in our 2010 trip so I think it equals out in the end.

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  1. Those are great layouts! You must have such a great sense of relief in getting those pics into an album!!