13 March 2014

because of them

These two are my reason I am so passionate about a new Junior/ Senior High School for Newmarket.
These two are my life.
They have given me a reason to fight so hard on this issue that is facing our town.
I would do and will do anything to better their lives.
That's what makes me a parent.

And right now this momma bear is unhappy. 

The new school article failed- this time. I do not think that it is three strikes and we need to try something totally different. The other school warrant articles were not presented well and were not thought out completely. There will be another school presented again on next years ballot. There has to be. There is no other option left for us.

The nay sayers/ Facebook trolls/ unhappy people in this town are trying to offer an olive branch in the guise of good faith and coming together as a community. With them they are making statements such as 'I would have voted for it without the assembly hall or music room'. No you wouldn't have but if that eases your conscience, feel free to preach away. Another statement is that 'both sides of this issue should come together and talk about what to do'. 

Here I am once again going to draw my line.

We have tried to come together. It is called School Board meetings, facilities meetings, bond hearing meetings, Newmarket Solutions meetings, and town meetings. These people do not make the effort to attend any of these. I get it. It is much easier to sit at home at your computer and vent away (one of my guilty pleasures of having a blog). HOWEVER.... if you truly want to be involved- GO TO THE MEETINGS. Talk to people face to face. Look into their eyes. Listen to what they are saying. Voice your concerns.

My next thought about the olive branch being extended was that it was done in fear. Deep down scared out of your wits fear. This vote was the closest that it has ever been. Almost 50% of the town approved building a new school. That is crazy good news. Seriously!! The Yes voters got out there and in eight weeks from when Oyster River said no to us until voting day- spread the word on the school situation. Correcting misinformation, showing people numbers, and getting people registered to vote. 

We were ten percent away from getting a new school built! 
The no side saw that. They can see the momentum we have on our side. They have to be able to feel the sense of community that our group has generated. That is why they want to 'talk'. Why they want to discuss different plans on the building. 

Sure we can talk but my demands now are different. No longer does an assembly hall work- I want an auditorium. One that can hold the entire Junior/ Senior High school population at one time. This town is in desperate need of a large meeting space and an auditorium would be a god send. No more deliberative sessions sitting on hard bleachers or in folding chairs for three hours. Seeing a drama production with a decent sized audience, and not having to sit on folding chairs. Hearing and seeing what the students say and do while they are on stage. That needs to be a part of the plans. The new school also has to have a way to be added onto. Newmarket needs to learn a lesson from all of the school situations that have arisen. We cannot make this building too small or unable to have additions. 

I don't think we should pare down the current design in order to appease the no side. We need to educate the ones who were on the fence but leaning to the yes side. 

We were very close- 50% in eight weeks!! 

Imagine what we can do with a full year on our side!

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  1. I still honestly can't believe the No'ers won. They're gloating about kids not having a proper place to attend school; that's so low. You Yes'ers are theee best!