09 March 2014

i have finally been broken down

I have agreed with the rest of the family that we need a dog. My hesitation these long 20 years?? The fact that I would be responsible for most of the work. It is just a fact of our lives as the one who would be home more than the others. I had to figure out when I was ready for a new 'baby' in the house. Looks like the time is now.... or at least soon.

While hanging out on Pinterest I found this adorable picture of an Alaskan Klee Kai which is a mini husky breed. Thought he was pretty darn adorable. 

Then I found this picture and knew that this breed would be the dog for us. 

Hubby and I have always wanted a husky but putting an eight foot fence around our current backyard is totally out of the budget and the husky size would not do well with the inside of the house. So these were a great compromise. Once I showed him pictures of this adorable breed he was off to the races so to speak. Lots of internet research and learning for him (and me) which led him to finding a breeder of these sweet creatures in the Boston area on Facebook. Seriously, how did I grow up without Facebook and Google???

On Wednesday night the breeder posted this picture of part of their newest litter. There are two males and one female who are all white- no coloring. OMG!! I totally fell in love. I may have let out an audible squeal of delight at my desk.

Then came hubby's master plan.... let me make contact with the breeder on cost and pick up and such. If I was involved I would have a harder time saying no. That whole vested interest thing. Darn him for knowing me so well. And it worked. We will be the proud parents of a furbaby at the end of April. We get to go meet our little guy when he is five weeks old. I am very excited for that day. oh yeah... so are the kids and hubby.

I think I am ready.
At least I don't have to go to the hospital for this baby.


  1. A mini husky breed?????? Do you know if you're getting a boy or girl? I tell ya what, it's been a blessing having a girl rather than a boy!!!! So many questions about dog penises that I'm sorry, I'd rather address later because human penises are discussed plenty enough LOL!!

    1. We are getting a boy. The one on the far right of the picture with the little pink strip on his snout. I grew up with male dogs so not a biggie there. Need to work out a name as a family!!