10 March 2014

twas the night before the big vote

** If I had been thinking, I would have worked on this sooner than 8:30 the night before the big vote. But I tried. Keep it light and funny and remember above all--  

Twas the night before the big vote; 
the no votes were trolling
trying to get in our heads.
The vote yes community
care not what they say.
We have done our best and been strong;
held our heads up
and played by the rules.
Information is out for all to see-
the only option is to vote yes!
Vote yes for the new school
for Newmarket's future.
It can be made bright with a yes-
uncertain and unknown with a no.

Tomorrow you will see us
no matter where you turn.
The red and white
VOTE YES signs
in our small town.

Newmarket residents come out
let your voices be heard.
Go to Town Hall and vote for the future.
Place a YES upon all articles!

As candidates go please vote for these
they are tireless, fearless and brave.
Put them in office, it is where they belong.

Starting with Town Council place a vote for 
Toni Weinstein and Phil Nazzaro.
For Budget Committee consider
Mickey Burns, Craig Dionne and Meg Louney
as your candidates of choice.
Write in Kathy Harter for the two year term-
she is ready to prove the nay sayers wrong.
Supervisor of Checklists 
please vote for Nicole Benson.
School Board positions consider these two-
Nathan Lunney and Mary Jane Hilton.
School Moderator write in
Chris Hawkins as a choice.
Town Clerk I suggest
Terri Littlefield for the position.

Until seven o'clock sleep well
little town of Newmarket. 
Your big day will arrive and you must be rested.
Be strong, stand tall and shine.
Keep positive and remember
kill them with kindness-
it is the best way.
Vote Yes and make sure others do as well.
A new school is our best option-

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