31 May 2010

second post

....and still nothing to show you all!! LOL I really need to get moving on this. Hoping this week will be a little better in the scrapping department. Lots going on last week with having to go back to Syracuse to see MIL. Still haven't wrapped my head around the fact that she probably will not be around for Christmas. But.... we had a very nice visit with her at the hospital. She has been there for a month and the nurses are all very nice. The kids got to see her as close to her old self as possible. I am thinking a few more months and it won't be a pleasant visit so they will not be going. I want them to have nice memories of her and not sad ones. Kira is having the hardest time with it but I think it was good for her to see her grandma.

And we had a visitor when we got back home... a baby squirrel had gotten into our house (probably through the stupid fireplace that doesn't work) and had wanted to get some water so he plopped into the toilet. Poor thing couldn't get back out and drowned. Thank goodness that DH was the one to find him and not Kira. eeeek!! I feel bad that he died but glad that he wasn't waiting for us when we walked in the door! I am over this squirrel thing. This is the fourth one in less than 3 years! We are closing up the fireplace at the top this weekend. Sending DH up onto the roof. Guess I should get 911 on the phone before he heads up there! Hoping he can do it without any injury.

That's it for now. And I will get some things posted this week!! Promise!

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