03 November 2012

newmarket halloween haunt

I will start out by saying that this years haunt was much warmer than last years. It was so bitter cold out that we couldn't stay after the parade, the poor kids were frozen solid. This year, the sun was shining and it was lovely. We had a great time as a family doing the fun free stuff the Rec Center offered (thanks to many generous donations!!)

Here is my guy striking a pose as the Hulk!! He looked so adorable all dressed up. Love him!!

Here they are together. And I actually got a smile out of Kira. Who happens to be an Umbreon (Pokemon character) Nana made her costume and she won first prize in her age group!! Most of the day she was cranky as all get out. We had had a bad week of temper tantrums and lots of yelling having to do with school and tween drama. After she won, her mood improved greatly. whew. Love her too!!

Alex was able to get into the bounce house. He looks so cute without the hands and head jumping around with all those muscles! Very proud of myself for getting this shot.

So happy we got to spend that time together outdoors. Winter is coming and I am not looking forward to that at all!

May you have a spook free day!!

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