16 June 2014

field day 2014

Time once again for the elementary school's annual field day. It was supposed to be last Friday but a HUGE storm system was parked over New Hamsphire so field day was rescheduled for today which turned out to be a most perfect day for it!! Beautiful sunny weather. Hoping I put enough sunscreen on Alex for the day.

Here is my guy walking with his teacher. As soon as he saw me, he started waving like mad- so cute!

Here is his class with their banner. The last topic they were studying was rocks and minerals and being as we are the Granite State.... they went with it!! Cute kids.

And I cannot forget my kindergarten loves! Here is their sign. All three classes walked together wearing penguin masks. They looked absolutely priceless. At this point when I was taking this picture, they all had taken their masks off since they were hot. It is a rather long parade. It starts from the end of the school that is farthest away from their classroom, and heads to the assisted living facility that is across the street from the school, and THEN down the school's driveway to the field for the calling and cheers from all classes.

Anywho... it is a lovely day for fun in the sun. And hard as it is to believe, Field day is the one school event I do not volunteer for. I will go in and help with costumes and take pictures during the parade, but then I am done. I don't need to be a lobster.

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