08 August 2014

do you yoga?

I do.


My friend Catrina started her yoga teacher training last year and I didn't think I could do it. Seriously. I am not the most limber or athletic of types. I have not done much moving since I broke my leg six years ago. Yet with Catrina's encouragement I have started taking yoga classes. And guess what?? I totally love it! What a great workout and a relaxing time all rolled into one! My only regret is waiting so long to take her up on her offer to teach me.

Catrina graduated at the end of July and is now a full fledged yoga teacher and amazing at that!! She asked if I could come up with some yoga themed greeting cards for her to write her clients notes on. Sure why not?! I asked her favorite colors as well as her favorite yoga poses (tree and lotus) and hit the Google Images for free images from the internet.

Below are the cards I created for her as a thank you for inspiring me to get moving as well as a congrats for completing her training!

Love, Light, and Energy is her FB page- check it out.

If you are in the market for any yoga cards (or any other type of cards for that matter) give me a shout via email and I would be more than happy to create some personalized cards for you.

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