07 December 2012

last sketch challenge of 2012

I made it to the end of the year with doing a layout every month! This month's was especially hard and I almost didn't make it. I was sliding in pretty close to the cut off time. Hate when I get sick and can't function.

Anywho... here is the sketch we had to work with. Pretty neat and I think I shall keep this in the pile of sketches to use again. Basic in layout but can be embellished like there is no tomorrow. Or left pretty sparse as mine is. (told you I was on a time crunch!!)

And here is my take on the sketch. Pretty much went with what they had. The small picture on the left hand side was placed along the top like the one next to it and I couldn't get it back off to lower it so I added in a small white box to play off the white title on the second page.

These pictures are from Christmas 2008! I'm a few years behind. :)  Alex was big time into Blue's Clues and desperately wanted a Handy Dandy Notebook so he could play along with the show/ DVD/ VHS tape. Finding one was no easy feat and the price.... oh my word. Highway robbery!! The things we do for the kiddos. I will admit it was the best gift that season. He carried it around everywhere and wrote down his clues. I steered away from many embellishments mostly because I was short on time and I love the pictures so much I wanted them to be the focus. I used chipboard letters and rub ons for the titles. Happy to have this done and heading for an album!! 

Okay... honestly... between me and you.... (don't tell) this will be heading into an envelope of other layouts that need to be put into albums. But it did sound good saying it was going to an album. Remember... don't tell!! ;)

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