03 December 2012

the once a year invasion

Yup, if you are of the female variety of human, you know the drill and know that it is coming. You may even be tempted to put it off because really, who wants to be in THAT position and try to relax while maintaining a conversation. Now add in the stress of the holidays. oh yeah tons of fun!!

Yes it is the dreaded Pap smear/ gynecological exam time. Mine is coming up next week (I know you all needed to know that) and I have a friend who had the pleasure last week. Normally this isn't a topic of conversation on my blog but I feel it necessary to share. You see, my friend, the ever witty Kathy has written an amazing blog post about this time of the year. You HAVE to read it. Seriously you cannot live a minute longer without reading it. After you read it, share with others. She has given permission to pimp her out. Guess she needs some extra cash this holiday season. :)  Go forth and share the word of Kathy.

The most wonderful time of the year...

If you are lucky enough to have your annual exam scheduled for a less stressful time of the year, I bow down to you. Count your stars and don't skip that appointment.

Me?? I'm thinking I am putting a bow on me and that will be my family's gift this year. From me to them- another year of me being in their lives.

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