28 July 2013

i am alive!

Yup it has been forever since I have managed to get to my blog and try to catch up with things. After the Disney trip it was a very quick paced end of the school year crunch time. Last minute field trips and parties and just plain fun enjoying the spring sun (in between all the rain clouds). The end of school was bittersweet for Alex as he was totally smitten with Mrs. Butler this year. But he is very excited to be entering second grade!! We are hoping that seventh grade is much better than sixth grade for Kira. We have started prepping already and have all our supplies and managed to pick up some new clothes as well for her.

Summer vacation is slipping by so quickly. The first three weeks were nice for the kids as they got to spend their time hanging with my parents. Always a great time for them. And for hubby and me. We ate out A LOT! Went shopping at IKEA, slept in and totally enjoyed ourselves. Then the work began. You know you have to put that furniture together from IKEA??! It was lots of fun and I am very pleased with how the playroom now looks with the furniture we picked up last year. I need to snap some pictures and share. We also picked up a new desk for Alex as his was becoming the catch all of his room as well as it was a tad too tiny for him. He loves his new desk. Happy mommy.

I also spent time cleaning my office. Oh man the amount of papers that were in here that did not need to be here and other miscellaneous items. Glad they are gone. I also moved my printer/ scanner so that perhaps I can do a better job with the scanning of school work this year. I was so proud of myself for being all caught up a couple years back. Well, not so much anymore. It is a huge pile which I did manage to organize by year and child. I need a few alone minutes to start the scanning/ sorting/ tossing process. It will happen as I really want that file case off of my floor. I have run into it with my little piggie a few too many times already. :(

Now I am trying to go through all my pictures to figure out what I need to print for my Project Life album. I am ashamed to admit I have not had one single picture printed for 2013! I have taken a ton of pictures, just nothing printed. I haven't even set up the album! Hoping to correct that this week. Cross your fingers!!

Off to work on dinner for the family. They somehow always need to be fed. Not sure what is up with that.

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