11 August 2015

teacher gifts

The school year was quickly winding down with not much time left for me to get overly creative with teacher gifts, and believe me I have MANY options pinned on Pinterest! Then a little light bulb went off above my head and I noticed that both teachers did not have names to show which classroom was theirs! A quick scan of Pinterest found a couple of cute ideas for teacher name plates and a begging session with Kira got me a couple of canvases that she had stashed away and I was ready for action!

The top one I made for Alex's teacher. She was new to the building and didn't have a cool name plate- now she does! I used an idea I found on Pinterest and adjusted it for my needs. I traced the letters onto some cardboard and cut them out attaching them to the canvas with a very small amount of adhesive that I knew I would be able to remove when I was done. I picked some acrylic paint colors and went to work with the ends of some paint brushes and a pencil top eraser. I waited until the paint was totally dry before removing the cardboard letters. I used an Xacto blade to make sure I didn't pull up the paint with the letters. I was pretty happy with how it came out.

This one I made for the teacher I was with. Her name plate had fallen down and needed to be replaced (she has had it since Kira was in her class!) I used the idea I found here. Used some fun colors on the circles. Yellow was the hardest one to cover the pencil markings. After they were all dry, I used a dry embossing tool to create the dots around the circles with acrylic paint. I stamped the name with some foam stamps I have had forever and black paint. 

Tons of fun but I really should have started them earlier. As it is, I started them about three days before the end of the school year. eeeek! Thank goodness that the acrylic paints dried really quick.

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