10 August 2015

way too long

I am returning to the land of blog. It has been a crazy six months around here (actually longer than that but since I last posted here) 

Let's begin with the working mom thing- I was doing the subbing gig at the elementary school when another couple of paraprofessional positions became available and I applied again. This time was the trick!! I started in January working in one of the third grade rooms and one of the fourth grade rooms. I also had the fun of doing afternoon bus duty as well as a couple of lunch duties (fourth grade and first grade). Totally loved it. Some days the bus duty was rough but it was just getting the kids to move forward to get on their buses! I remember practically throwing kids aside when the final bell rang. Not these kids. Time changes things I guess.

Waiting to hear exactly which room I will be in for the coming year but so far have heard that I am back in third grade! Very very happy about that. Crossing fingers it will be the same room as before. Totally loved working with that teacher and we got into a great rhythm by the end of the year. The kids were amazing too.

Both the kiddos did great in school and will be advancing to their respective grades come August 31st. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my Kira will be a freshman! OMG! Seriously. I was just dropping her off at kindergarten and now she is in high school. That went way to fast for this momma to handle. And my baby going into fourth grade? Someone please tell Alex he is not old enough for that! sigh.

The world of the bears is still being good to hubby. Love the new direction the company is taking and love seeing the new licenses they are getting. Minions anyone?? Or maybe Star Wars is more your speed?

Town stuff-- The elections were a process and I do believe that the right people got into the correct spots. Lots of good conversations and the direction of the town seems to be going forward instead of sitting in the past. Best part is that tuitioning of our students out of district to another district has been removed from the table. It has been a very long and drawn out process but in the end it was determined that it was not a cost effective long term solution to our school/ facilities issues. WOO HOO!! Now to determine what shall be done with both buildings- the junior senior high school as well as the elementary school. Never a dull moment here in Newmarket!

Home stuff- We had new windows installed in October/ November. What an amazing difference that made. Our heating bill was lower and the rooms were so much more cozy. And we did not have to put plastic up to keep the drafts out. Happy happy. We had also discussed the possibility of redoing our kitchen. Hubby started playing around with IKEA designs and a few trips to the store later, we have purchased our cabinets! We have a contractor who will be starting in September and a new kitchen will be happening! We have ordered all the appliances as well and are getting very excited to have a new space. Lots of before and after pictures to come.

terri's teases- after the holidays and before I started working every day, hubby surprised me with a major remodel of my office space. Like removed everything and started all over again! We used IKEA cabinets and storage and made my room so pretty! Now I can have a lovely breeze in my space from having two windows open as well as finding everything in my space. After having an open concept room since the beginning, I have discovered that I really am someone who needs to have all my stuff hidden. I get distracted easily.... squirrel.... Anywho- I have the green doors and drawers as well as the teal shelves. Guess they sold out of the teal since I cannot find the link anymore. But it is very pretty with my room. I also got a new desk! We did a long desk top with two of the drawer units at either end in white. Now I actually have space to work and be on the computer. So happy. My mom was so impressed with my space, she went to IKEA as well and picked up some of the storage units to redo her sewing space. Looks pretty darn awesome and so happy for her too.

Because of the remodel and then the whole working thing, I was not able to craft as much as I would like (none). This summer I have been making up for lost time and have created a bunch of cards. Hoping to get them listed and maybe sold. If not, I will have a great stash of cards for my own personal use.

That is about it. I am sure I have missed something. But I shall return. Thanks for taking the time to read. Off to see if I can find any pictures of the items I have created since being back at it.

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