09 February 2013

me happy

My package from Scrapbook.com arrived on Thursday evening. Just in time for me to start working on dinner and getting Kira ready for the Daddy Daughter Dance! So not fair. I had to wait some more before I could tear open that special box but I was rewarded with the lovely goodies shown below!!

I am so happy to have them here with me. But a bit sad as I had ordered an embossing folder that is sold out and they were not sure when or if it would even be coming back in. So they credited my PayPal account for it. Wondering why it took me to email them that something was missing before they did that. Shouldn't that have been an automatic once they packaged up my stuff and realized they could not send it to me?? Oh well, I shall survive and no more waiting!! :)

Winter Storm Nemo has hit us and continues to blow and snow on us. I am sure it will be stopping sometime. Until then we are snowed in and comfy. Poor hubby is out snowblowing the HUGE drifts. They are over the top of the snowblower!! Our neighbors plow guy got stuck when the snow fell behind him and he couldn't reverse out of their driveway! Another guy had to come and plow him out!! Of course that meant pushing snow onto our side of the driveway for hubby to have to move. Somehow that always happens to us. Next house we will not be sharing a driveway with our neighbors. 

Off to clean off the desk in the hopes of actually being able to scrap something today. We'll see!

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