10 February 2013

pail of pencils

Since I have been volunteering in Alex's classroom this year, I have noticed that first graders are amazingly rough with their pencils. Erasers are worn into non existence within minutes, the points are gone even quicker than that with most being snapped off from too great of pressure from little hands and there is never enough time in the day for the teacher to sharpen all of the pencils these kids go through. I try to sharpen them when I am in the room once a week to keep on top of things. I guess it must be the OCD in me but I feel better doing it and knowing there are sharp pencils for those willing scholars.

Of course with all that sharpening, comes very small pencils. For Valentine's day I decided that the teacher needed a new pail of pencils. I picked up a few packages of Valentine pencils as well as some St. Patrick's Day pencils and a few others I had laying around here. Here is the pail from the front. I used letter stickers and then to ensure that the letters stay put for longer than a minute- I mod podged the heck out of it! 

This is one of the sides with a few flowers to help break up the silver of the pail.

I also felt the need to cover the back with three different patterns of washi tape. I like the spring feel of it. I also mod podged these. Not that they were falling off because they were not, but edges always call out to bored fingers!! I placed a few different ribbons on the top of the pail handle for decoration.

Here is the other side of the pail. I am very happy with how it all came together. I can't wait to bring it to her on Thursday!! And to save her a ton of time-- I already sharpened all those pencils!! :)

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