05 February 2013

not good at it

I will admit this here and now. 


I am not good at. Never have been, never will be.

I had the wonderful honor of receiving a $100 gift certificate from Scrapbook.com for winning their 2012 Album contest. Every year they run this contest and you need to post at least twelve layouts on the site and do at least fifty (honor system of course) and then they randomly draw the winners. I was one of the four chosen!! So very exciting and a great way to start the year.

I took a couple of days to look through the entire Superstore on the site. And started making up a wishlist on the third day. I then took a couple more days to make sure that what was on my wishlist I did in fact want. In the meantime I was scouring the internet making sure that I didn't "need" anything new and exciting in my life since I had this free money.

Finally I started adding things to my cart. Crazy things. Every thing I saw. Things I would never use but thought were neat. Let me tell you, that total was WAY more than the allotted amount I was given!! :)

I started going through the cart and getting rid of the totally don't need items. Got below the amount I had to spend and went back into the store to keep looking. Added a few more things to the list. Thought about what I could create with what I was buying and would it be worth it. I need things that will last for more than one project. I like getting a good bang for my buck (even when it is a free buck!!)

I decided what was in my cart was what I wanted. I went $8 over (without the shipping) so I talked to hubby. He laughed and said that was pretty good. I went back to the cart. Removed one thing I was still not sure on and replaced it with something I really needed (a black reinker for my ink pad) I am happy to say that I was then only $3 over (without shipping) and then in fact placed my order.

I ended up only having to pay $11 total for my cartload of goodies. Here is where my problem rears its ugly head. I am now at UPS's mercy to get my package to my doorstep. Let me tell you, they are taking their sweet time getting it here. I mean seriously. Toss the box on a plane and get it to me.

No I did not pay for express shipping but this is scrapping supplies. How can they expect me to wait for these goodies??? I am chomping at the bit to start playing. And here I sit. I even finished up all the projects I had for Valentine's day while waiting.

Looks like I best get working on that Boy Scout card order since I checked the UPS website and my package is still two days out. Major bummer sigh.

You can bet your bottom dollar I will be stalking that brown truck on Thursday. And he better show up before 7pm!!

ps. I am now on Etsy... you can find me at terristeases!! Please tell your friends and family.

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  1. Hope your scrappy package of goodies comes today!