08 September 2012

gift cards for petite bottoms

I was able to create two styles of gift cards for a local business woman. I had so much fun as I am friends with her and I think she simply rocks. Business owner and amazing mom. oh yeah... did I also mention she is due in November? Yeah... she is great.

Her store colors are pink and green. I mean yumminess can only happen from that combination. I had fun creating the two styles and it was so much fun watching her try to decide which one to choose. I took her off the hook and told her I could do both styles and she can let the customers decide. To all you moms out there, you know the strain baby brain puts on us so it was good I could help her that way.

This is a criss cross card that I had to downsize for use as a gift card. Love it.

Here it is with the gift card pulled out a bit.

And this style is a tri fold card. I made it smaller as well. Very happy with how it came out. This pattern paper is what I used when I ran out of the original. I used my Cuttlebug to cut and emboss the baby carriage stamp. It was a set that came with my Cuttlebug.

Same tri fold card, different pattern paper.

Tri fold card opened up.

I cannot wait to drop these off to her. I am sure her customers will love them. If you are in need of cloth diapers and other baby goodies, check out Petite Bottoms! And if you are on FB, click HERE.

May your bottoms all be petite!!


  1. This is adorable!!! I love the colors.. Just beautiful!!! Gorgeous.. I know anyone would love them!!

  2. Fantastic!! Yay, this venture is soooooo coolio!!!

  3. These are super cute!!! I just might have to CASE these!!! I especially love the criss cross one!! TFS!