09 September 2012

would you like cheese with those sneaks?

This is the first year that it really mattered what kind of sneakers Kira would be wearing in gym class. They take their physical education pretty seriously at the Junior/ Senior High School. I was at Target and ran across this great sneaks. Not only were they great colors for Kira, but they are so light! Seriously, they are lighter than the sandals she has been wearing all summer. Love that!! They are a specific running sneak so I think she won't have sore legs and such anymore. woohoo!

Anywho... here she is when I gave her these amazing new sneaks. My poor flash on my camera was taking FOREVER to work so the smile got a little forced and cheesy. And much to my surprise, she said we could leave the purple laces in the sneaks. I thought for sure we would be changing them out for the pink. Guess she does take after me a little bit!!

May your feet not hurt you today as you run the race.

1 comment:

  1. Looove those new sneaks, and especially the whole idea behind them!!! hehehe if ya hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have noticed the forced smile, but I completely understand LOL