01 September 2011

back to school pot luck

The PTA pot luck was amazing! It all came together and flowed so smoothly. I was quite happy with it. My sweetie Kira wrote the message to all who came. Such a big helper.

This was our free raffle table. We also had our membership forms out as well as a handout telling all the stuff we did last year.

Here was our drink station. On the table next to it was a donation paint can I altered. Just in case anyone wanted to contribute. Not a requirement but some people did. Very nice. And the tub of free Build a Bear backpacks. The good news, most of them are now gone and not living in my garage. But I still have some left. I'm sure I can come up with more ways to hand them out through the year. ;)

FYI... The backpacks- we have them due to hubby's job. They were sent for a promotion a couple years back and they were leftovers that corporate told him to donate to a worthy cause. NES PTA seems like a very worthy cause!! They were a huge hit. I also put a copy of our events calendar on the inside so parents will know what the PTA is up to during the year!!

This was our arts and crafts station. The little guy in the picture I know personally and I am pretty sure his momma won't mind me sharing his adorableness with everyone! We had model magic clay, markers, crayons, coloring pages, white cardstock shapes, google eyes, glitter glue, foam shapes and chalk. This was also a very popular attraction last night. So happy we did it this year for the kids. It kept down the number of kids aimlessly running around and was pretty entertaining. Thanks to my friend Nicole for manning it and keeping things under control. It's her little man in the picture!

Food!! Let me tell you we had some amazing foods last night. The different salads were sooo good. We had chips and veggies and desserts and pastas. Everything you could want. One very smart parent even brought a HUGE container of Easy Mac!! Talk about knowing what kids will eat. There wasn't much left by the end of the event. There were six tables of food starting at the doors in the back to the front by the flower planter.

Everyone was on either side of the entrance on blankets and lawn chairs. So much fun to see so many people out and about. We also had the local ice cream truck there as a treat. They were generous enough to give us 10% of the sales that they did. I think that is pretty cool.

I think this year was a much better turn out with having it after school has started. That rain last week was a good thing. Going to put that in my notes for next years PTA President. The best part of the whole night was everything was cleaned up and put away before 7:30! Oh yeah... let's not forget the no cooking of dinner either! ;)

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