01 September 2011

first day of school for alex

Was yesterday. But being as I had a zillion things going on, I didn't get to write up a post here for my little man. Oh the shame!!

The night before he was excited. The morning of... not so much. Then as he woke up a bit more and got ready, he was getting excited. By the time we walked into school he was giddy with joy. At pick up he was telling me he couldn't wait to go back tomorrow. whew... that hurdle past us.

Here he is before we headed out the door.

My simply adorable little man. He's wearing one of Kira's old school t shirts. He has been wearing it a lot this summer and was excited to wear it the first day of school. Love him!

And the new backpack. Little big on him. LOL But it is Pokemon which is our latest love. Especially Pikachu. His lunchbox is also Pokemon so it's gonna be a good year!

We stopped in the main office and said hi to Mrs. Charette and she gave him a high five for his first day. He has been hanging in the office since he was a little guy with me. The office ladies have watched him grow up and he is so comfortable with them. Then we were off to the art room where the kindergartners go in the mornings to wait for the bell. He was confident and told the teachers his name and was shown where his backpack would go while they waited for the bell. Very quick hug and kiss and he was good to go. The box of legos on the floor were also drawing his attention.

No tears in the school for mommy. But we are not mentioning the car ride to Walmart. What happens in the van stays in the van ;)

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