26 September 2011

heritage festival weekend

It was that time of year again... Heritage Festival weekend in Newmarket. There are vendors and foods and demonstrations and freebies and lots of fun. Unfortunately, for the past two years it has rained and we didn't feel like dragging the kids through all this outdoor stuff in the rain. I know we are very silly parents. This year... no rain. Super humid but no rain.

Every year Kira has performed with the elementary school chorus. Last year and this year she has played her saxophone. Afterward we went looking for the fire truck that was supposed to be down by the waterfront. So after a bit of a walk, we made it and no fire truck. Talk about a bummed little guy! But we did happen upon an adorable llama who looks just like little llama from the Llama Llama books. Alex and I LOVE little llama. This picture is so adorable!! My little llama....

Before the concert, Alex and daddy went down to the Lamprey Health's Teddy Bear clinic where they were giving away Clifford and his pals that were donated by the local Kohl's. Alex was so excited to get Clifford. Kira had a bit of a meltdown when she thought they didn't have any more Cliffords. Amazing that at age 10 she still loves the big red guy.

Concert pictures!! There's my sweetie doing the motions for one of her songs. She loves songs that they can move around to. The lovely lady to her left is her BFF Michaela. Sweet girls.

Finally!! I was able to get pictures of Kira playing her sax during a concert!! So darn cool. Love the action.

About the fire truck... as we were heading back to pick up our magnets that the kids painted, there it was! At the end of the festival. Alex was so excited. Especially when the firemen asked if he wanted a hat and a tour of the truck! He was on cloud nine.

Kira got a feather in her hair... it's pink. Perfect for her. I need to snap a picture of it. Of course tomorrow is picture day so it will live on forever in her fifth grade picture. Great memory! I get to work at picture day too. Always a fun day to see all the kids dressed up... and some that are not.

Mom and dad are here for a couple days. They went to the Loudon NASCAR race on Sunday. Fun hanging out with them. I spent the day Sunday trying to find the house. Somehow tons of dirt and stuff has found its way into this place. I must have turned my back for a minute. I was sore that day, but the house is back together and in order. I'd like to say the same for the laundry. Seems to be taking forever to get through the zillion piles I have. Little at a time and it will be done... sorta.

Kira is the Student of the Week in her classroom this week. We found out on Friday and then promptly forgot. She reminded me as we were heading out to her Girl Scout series program meeting (at 6:30pm on Sunday) that we needed to print her pictures for her. oh yeah... knew I forgot something. I hadn't eaten all day since I was cleaning, so I made me something to eat and my parents came home. My dinner was at 9:30pm and then I started printing her pictures at around 10:15pm or so. Finally got eighteen lovely pictures of Kira, her family, interests and friends printed by 12:30am. I cheated on the last two and used two Disney pictures that were on my desk. shhhhh.... it's our secret.

I had the fun of volunteering in Alex's class today. I am loving having this standing volunteering going on. So wonderful to get into the classroom and help out and meet Alex's friends. Doesn't hurt that Alex simply LOVES his teacher. I'm pretty fond of her myself. He was telling everyone who would listen today that I was coming in. So sweet. I went out to the playground to meet up with his class and he saw me and came running. His one shoe did not though! He was almost to me when he realized his one shoe was missing. Adorable!!

Need to get back to scanning school work. Maybe tomorrow. Tonight this momma llama is taking it easy and heading to bed early. Me tired.

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