05 October 2011

actual scrapbook pages

I know so totally amazing! Not that I have done them over the past couple weeks. These were done and then lost in the piles of stuff that collected on my desk. Finally got them photographed and uploaded. Nothing slow about me! LOL

This is Kira's fourth grade class picture. I swirled the kids in the class since I don't have permission to post them. Very simple layout but it works. And I finally had a chance to use those metal letters that have been in my stash FOREVER!!

This one is of our very own Elf on a Shelf, Scout. We adopted him last year. He got himself into some pretty fun spots around the house. He was also a bit of trouble maker. One night he rearranged the tins on the Advent Calendar, another one he 'helped' put the candy canes on our tree by using them as a ladder to the top of the tree! On this particular night, he grabbed my point and shoot camera and had himself some fun around the house! The kids loved it and can't wait for him to come back this year to do it again!! Scout left the kids a letter on Christmas Eve since he was going back to the North Pole with Santa.

Easter Morning in our house this year. My 'enamel' embellishments didn't come out too good. I didn't adhere them very well before adding the glossy accents. Oh well... still like how this came out. Used a pagemap for this one. I don't remember which one though- sorry.

Alex at his family birthday party in Syracuse. He put on a bit of a dancing show for us before the party. So many cute shots I couldn't choose one or two. I used the Picasa collage feature to create the 8X10.

Another birthday layout with another collage. Love them. They make scrapping in a hurry much easier. This is my first banner. Not sure if I like it or not, but I did it. Cross that off my list of things to try.

Another wonderful collage. I didn't get very great pictures of Kira during her concert so it was good to be able to edit them into useful pictures for the collage. Love the big one of her with her BFF Michaela.

Here are a couple things I did do yesterday. Love them. I found the idea on Scrapbook.com from a scrapper named 3peaspress. So simple and fun to do. I bought different sizes of the glass ornaments to make up some photo ones and to have Kira make some for her friends. Thinking of all the fun things she can do with hers!!

Here's a close up. I used glitter number stickers to add the year. I also put a bit of glitter in the bottom of the ornament before I started rolling the paper strips. On a few of them, I would add a bit of glue to both ends and a small bit to the side before putting it in the ornament. Then I shook it so the glitter would stick to the paper. It's a little bit of bling and looks neat. The rolling of the paper is such a stress reliever. I did pack my ornaments pretty full as the rolls will unravel if left on their own and with space to grow. I liked the fuller look better for mine.

So those are two teacher gifts. I have to make another one for a helper in Alex's class and then Kira's Girl Scout leaders. I need more ornaments. Guess I should grab them while they are on sale at Michaels this week. That's where I am heading tomorrow!! And maybe some more ribbon. It's on sale too. ;)

I have figured out how to give them, I need to do it and make sure it works. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

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