20 October 2011

wonderful day

Let me first start by saying what a horrible morning we had on Monday. Both kids were cranky and irritable and not moving and fighting and screaming. Just about everything that could go wrong was going wrong. I even offered the kids up for sale on Facebook. My friend Nicole put it into perspective for me that I wouldn't have to give up both to stop the fighting, but only one and asked which one I would choose. Geez, if you're gonna use logic on me. Of course I couldn't get rid of them, it was just a mom at her wit's end kind of morning. Monday evening was much better.

Now about my wonderful day. That would have been yesterday (although today is going pretty rockin') It was pouring rain and very chilly. You may be asking yourself how is that wonderful, well that part wasn't so wonderful but my kids were amazing and made my day sunny and bright anyways.

It was time for their flu shots. Let me tell you the joy of getting them to accept this. Not an easy task. I would have to equate it to putting pantyhose on an octopus- nearly impossible. So time for some MAJOR bribery. Yes I will admit, I am not above this tactic to get the desired results. Best part- it works for my kids. Probably because we don't use it much so it's all good.

We talked about it and I told them my secret to getting through shots, I don't look. Seriously, if I don't see the needle, it doesn't hurt me. So we agreed that they would sit on my lap and look at me and blow into my face (another tactic we learned from Kira's doctor). Last year Kira went first and freaked out in such a big dramatic way, that Alex fed off of it and I had to hold him while he kicked and screamed. Not a fun experience. But that was last year, this is this year. We were ready.

First stop, Friendly's for a good meal and some fun time before the deed. It worked out wonderfully. Both kids cleaned their plates and ate their ice cream since we all know there is always room for ice cream!! Then it was off to the doctors office. There were a few people there right at 6pm for this flu shot clinic. Even with the pouring rain it was busy. Guess everyone thought like I did. 

The kids were great. They played nicely without fighting and Kira even read Alex a book. Then it was our turn. Kira started freaking out on me again. I told her to calm down and breathe. Alex looked at her and told her to be brave since he was. The nurse came to get us and Alex told her he was ready for his shot. So cute.

When we got into the room, Kira asked if they had the flu-mist and they did. She immediately felt so much better. whew. Alex went first and did amazing. No crying, screaming, yelling- NOTHING. He sat on my lap and blew in my face and didn't even flinch. Great job.

Kira was next and did just as well. Great night. Now for their reward for being so good... a tin of Pokemon cards each. It was so worth it. And now they are all set for this cold and flu season. Mommy needs to get hers either this week or next. We'll see.

On that happy note, here a few more of the pictures I took on Sunday of the kiddos.

LOVE THIS ONE OF KIRA!! That smile is amazing and comes from within. Beautiful!

And my handsome little man. Wonderful smile too.

Time to get back to my Halloween decorations. Getting to the end. Hope it comes out as nice as it looks in my head. LOL

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