18 October 2011

medallion/ accordion flowers for halloween

I forget exactly which blog I was on when I came across mention of medallion flowers. That mention, took me to Google which found me this amazing you tube video by UKmaryanne. The music in the background is rather soothing as I was learning a new technique. And the flowers... so simple and amazing. I have not stopped making them in about a week. My husband thinks I have gone over the deep end, but I LOVE THESE!!

Here are some I was working on for a project that hubby insisted I create. LOL Okay, we were at Target and saw these really cute Halloween buckets in their dollar section (love that part of the store) and he asked if there was anything I could make them in to. I said I could but we probably didn't need them. As I was walking around the store, I decided that $3 would be a good investment in a Halloween decoration so back to the front of the store I went.  But I digress...

Here are some of my medallion flowers. I used the Cloud 9 Design Seasonal Stack that I picked up at Joanns (on sale) and my Martha Stewart scoring board. I will say I went through a bit of a crisis when I went to purchase this item. I am not a big supporter of Martha (won't even look at her stuff) but the scoring board price and the fact it comes with an envelope template.... it was not an easy decision. My wonderful twin helped me by saying that Michaels (where I purchased said board) had already paid for the item so really I was giving the money back to Michaels and not really to Martha herself. That did help and made me feel like I hadn't sold myself out. Then I find out that there is another scoring/ trimming board out there pretty much like this one. sigh... I should have held out.

Anywho... From the above medallions turned into the below decorations. Love how it all turned out and how they look. I did purchase some of the spider webbing at Walmart. This one is green and will glow in the dark with a black light. So if you have a black light, come on over and check it out. LOL

I am currently working on a large collection of these flowers to create a garland for the fireplace. Hoping to have that done by the end of the week. Promise to post pictures.

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