12 October 2011

sad day

...for my little lady. Her blanket that Nana made for her before she was born, has a rather large hole in it. Peek a boo...

She was so upset. Of course you can also see just how thin and well loved this blanket of hers is! She has slept with it since she was born. I used it to cover her when she was a baby. And you can also see by the picture below that that one hole is not the only one in this blanket. 

She is hoping that Nana can work some of her "Nana magic" and fix the blanket when she comes to visit in November. I am certainly not taking a chance on sending this through the mail. That would be the one package I would lose in the mail. eeeek.

Doesn't she look so pathetic?

I must also point out that she does have two other blankets that Nana has made for her. Nana made another one just like Blanket after she had to repair a smaller hole when Kira was around 3. Then Kira wrangled another blanket out of Nana when she saw her making Alex's blanket before he was born. She insisted on having all four colors (pink, blue, yellow and green) in her new one. That is the one she has draped over her shoulders in the picture. 

Last night she slept with both of the spares in the hopes that they will smell like her beloved Blanket soon. Big hugs to my girl. Growing up is so hard!

On the crafting front, I am working on some accordion/ medallion flowers with a Halloween theme. Who knows... they may even be done before Halloween??  ;)

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