26 October 2011

emery farm field trip

Today I had the fun of chaperoning the AM kindergarten field trip to Emery Farm. Alex was so excited about his first field trip. He kept telling me last night that I couldn't get him to school any later than 8:20 or he was going to miss the bus to the farm. I let him know that I would make sure he got to the school in plenty of time to catch the bus.

My little man is smiling at me from the the window after the second emergency exit. So cute!!

After our hayride through the Spooky Forest (which really frightened Ms. Lazarus) everyone got to pick their own pumpkin. This was Alex's choice. The rule for picking a pumpkin was you had to be able to carry it. Parents were not allowed to help. Now if I could get that rule for when we go places, I would be golden.

Here's Alex's class with their pumpkins. Looks like everyone picked a good one!

Time for a stroll through the corn maze. Can you tell it's the end of the season? The poor corn is practically falling over when you walk by. But it was fun and we finally made it out. Thank goodness that Ms. Lazarus had a red jacket on at the end so we could see her or we would probably still be wandering around!!

Everyone's pumpkin waiting to be gathered when the bus arrives. Alex's is the third from the right front row.

There's my little guy with a sad face. He wanted to ride home with me. I thought he wanted to ride on the bus. It worked out okay since we had to go to the school anyways to pick up his book bag.

Yesterday I called the heater company to find out if they could send someone out to check our heater. It was not working. No heat coming out. As I was talking to her she suggested some things to check for before they sent someone to my house which would mean I would have to pay a service call. If those things didn't work, they would send someone out. Happy happy me managed to get it working!! Guess there was an air bubble or moisture in our fuel line and it just needed to be primed. So happy it was a simple thing that I could manage. Better yet, I didn't have to pay money to get heat going. Always a good thing. Heat is good too since those nasty weather people are saying the "S" word for this weekend. Totally not liking that.

Off to hang up my Halloween garland that I have been working on FOREVER! Hoping to share pictures of that tomorrow.

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  1. Oh lady, he has the cutest, melt yer heart smile! What a fun little place to go! When we lived in Wellington {small, icky town}, Taylan had a classmate whose dad worked at Harvest Farm, which was this awesome pumpkin patch, farm, giant corn maze, etc. Glad they get to have these experiences!