12 July 2010

catch up

Time to get some pictures posted from our trip back to Syracuse. While we were in town, we had Kira's family birthday party. So much fun to see family and friends. We got to meet Grayson who is simply adorable. Hope to see him soon before he graduates college!! LOL Anywho... here's Kira opening one of her favorite presents of the day (pretty much all of them were her favorites!) These Littlest Pet Shops were from her brother. Guess he's not so bad after all!

We had a jungle/ Tinkerbell themed party for her. Wegmans just didn't cooperate and have a jungle themed cake so we went with the favorite Tinkerbell and put the jungle candles on it! It was nummy too!

The kids got to play in Nana's pool while I was there so I got some pictures. They wouldn't cooperate and pose together so had to go for separate shots. Silly kids of mine! Such a lovely smile on her!

And my handsome little dude. Not sure what he was watching so intently, but he was really into it!

Spent part of the day cleaning up the kids rooms. Had to empty Alex's closet out of all the yard sale stuff I have been putting in it over the year. Then I had to tackle Kira's room. oh my what a pack rat! Cleaned things out and found her closet for her. I know she has been missing it. Made some room in her bookshelves and managed to get most of them into Alex's so he'll have some new reading material. Now I am waiting for the storm to pass so that I can hop in the shower. Hubby says he'll take me to see Eclipse tonight. Yes my hubby is so dreamy! Edward... here I come! LOL

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