25 July 2010

a few pictures to share

The morning of my yard sale, this is the sight I came across looking out my door. It was so beautiful out there. Too bad the rest of the day did not go so well for my yard sale. :(

Here is my collection of goodies that I attempted to sell. It was so darn hot everyone went to the beaches and were not out looking for yard sales. Bummer. I'm gonna try once more on a cooler weekend and after that it will get packed up and donated. It must leave the premises!!

My kiddos hanging in Nana's pool. Aren't they sweet? Sure they look innocent enough, but trust me, they are testing my patience daily. I don't want to rush summer by but man... this mom's tired and I didn't even have them for a few weeks!! LOL I will keep looking at this sweet picture and remember that every once in awhile they actually do love each other and will play nicely.

While I was in Syracuse picking up the two above mentioned kiddos, I had a chance to get into Skaneateles to get pictures of MIL's first store the Pomodoro. She has made it quite the stop when you go to the town. She will be missed there and with us. DH is going to use this picture for a project he is doing. Glad I was able to help out.

The drive home on Friday was an adventure to say the least. Started with a major downpour while I was loading the car up. Thank goodness my dad helped me or I would have needed to change clothes it was coming down so hard! We drove through that for awhile before it let up and then stopped. We kept ahead of it for most of the day and then drove out of it into New Hampshire. So nice. DH got home late Friday... okay more like Saturday morning. Poor thing had a bunch of delays getting out of St Louis. Glad he is home and we are all under the same roof again.

Yesterday we spent most of the day shopping for the kiddos. Somehow both of them needed new clothes. Usually we can get away with just one getting the majority of clothes but both of them had grown enough that it was a large purchase time. I do believe that the Children's Place in Kittery, Maine made their day yesterday thanks in part to us! We left with two large bags FULL of clothes. Then we went to Justice and got a few more shirts for Kira. DH went to Adidas store and got some new work shoes for a very good price. We hit Old Navy back in New Hampshire (since it's really silly to pay tax on things in Maine that we can get without tax in New Hampster) We got the kids some shirts and Kira another pair of shoes. Sparkle pink sneaks. They are lovely. We ate lunch at Bugaboo Steak House and it was good! You would think we were done... but oh no we were not. We went to the grocery store to pick up some steaks and roasts. Love sales!! Now our freezer is getting a little fuller. We've been depleting the stock this summer.

Today... not much planned. Thank goodness. I think we all need a lazy kind of day. We will get the hall put back together from our painting last Sunday. It looks nice and I can't wait to see it with all the stuff back. Time to feed the rug rats, they are getting restless.

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