13 July 2010

summer reading

Kira has been doing well with her summer reading while she is at Nana and Papa's. She is totally enjoying her Calvin and Hobbes books as well as the Garfields she has brought. I also know she loves to read to Alex at night before bed. And he enjoys the fun voices she uses for the characters. So happy I am raising a reader (and Alex loves his book time as well) as I was not that into reading when I was younger. I know it does help her and will continue to strive for her to read everyday- especially during the summer.

Her school has sent home a chart that is much easier to track her progress than previous years. This one just has the minutes read each day instead of having to keep track of the books and then have her draw a picture of what happened in each book. Although I will miss her drawings of Pigeon and other fun characters. I think they may actually get more participation in the program due to this change. We are also doing the reading challenge for our bank (TD Bank) The kids read 10 books and get $10 deposited into their savings accounts. Love that. And then Barnes and Noble has their reading program. Eight books gets Kira a free book! I think it rocks that these businesses are as into keeping the reading going as I am.

I also got her a set of multiplication flash cards so we can work on her speed with her times tables or is that number facts?? Not used to this new math concept yet but I do know that she needs to know these facts at a much quicker pace than she already does. It will help her when she has the challenge of division this coming school year. So we will be flashing her once she is back home! LOL

Happy reading everyone!!

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  1. Its multiplication tables - forget the educational jargon - and I'm saying that as an educator :)