10 July 2010

mil has passed- cancer sucks

She went on the 4th of July at around 8:45pm. She held on longer than anyone expected which made it hard on everyone to watch her suffer so much. She was in pain but we tried to reduce it with the morphine pump. It was hard to see FIL suffer too. He is lost without her but we are hoping that he will be the strong man we know and continue to survive.

The kids don't really understand everything that happened but haven't asked too many questions. We are trying not to give them too much information that may confuse them more. They ask things as they think of them and we answer as best as we can.

We had a celebration of Karen's life before we left town. It was her wish not to have a funeral or calling hours. Which I think was good as it would have been even harder on FIL. The celebration was nice. Lots of her friends came to say their good byes and give support. Even my mom's best friend was there. She had met Karen last year. She was there to support me and I really appreciated it a lot.

We did have Kira's 9th birthday party on the July 3rd. It was a fun time and a good distraction. I got to meet my friends new baby Grayson. Such a happy baby. And Kira's friends Elaina and Arlea were there which really made Kira's day. I think she was afraid she wouldn't see them anymore since Mrs Lykudis died and her house is for sale. (she was my parents neighbor since they moved into the house and they are her granddaughters that Kira plays with)

Now the kids are hanging with my parents for a couple of weeks. Lots of things to do around the house without the helpers here. Much easier. As for right now... I need to get that laundry folded and put away. It ain't doing it by itself!

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