29 July 2010

happy bit

My faboo hubby brought these home for me yesterday. He thought I could use them and he didn't even know about the 14 pairs of underwear that Alex had gone through! What a keeper!! They were actually 3 bouquets that are simply lovely together. I love him.

And here is a happy picture that we sent to my mom today. Thought she could use it and she loved it. The kids were so proud of coloring in the sign themselves. Nice work.

Hit Walmart today to start getting ready for my brother and his family's visit on Saturday. Picked up some stuff so hopefully the bugs will leave us alone while we are enjoying each others company. Now I can wait for the coming rain storm. At least the weather people keep telling me there is going to be a storm with the cold front coming through. Hard to believe it with the sun shining out there. But it is still very humid. ick. Looking forward to opening the house back up again.

Til that time... I am going to sit at my scrap table and see how many pictures I can get out of these boxes and onto pages. I did a couple of pages yesterday and totally loved it. I have missed scrapping. I do believe I need to make more time for it. Which means... less Facebook for me. Yes I will do it. I am turning the chair the other direction and ignoring the happy glow of the computer. Then again... maybe I'll pop in a movie to 'watch'. Is that Edward calling to me??? LOL

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