27 July 2010


It is a lovely one out there. A bit on the hot side if you are weeding a couple of flower beds but the breeze is wonderful for just sitting and relaxing. I did manage to get the back beds cleaned up with the offensive crab grass being tossed into the woods. Hoping it thrives in there and doesn't come back to my flower beds!

I managed to avoid seeing our friendly neighborhood snake too! That was my biggest fear was to accidentally grab him when grabbing at the weeds. Don't need that. But I did have the 'pleasure' of disposing of a dead mouse that had wanted to leave this world and hang around my garage. Pretty gross. If it wasn't for the flies that were all over it (gag) I may have left it for DH to deal with. But I really really didn't want it to become a major fly party or site of fly eggs (double gag) so I sucked it up didn't look too much at what I was doing and got rid of the mouse into the woods. blech

The kids played outside for a bit but since they are not at all into the relaxing outside, they got hotter than me and left me out there by myself for the last bit of weeding. oh yeah... and I had to clean up all the toys that they had insisted I get out for them. Gotta love kids! But I cannot complain as they are playing nicely together right now and I don't have a headache from them. woohoo.

Off to put away the clothes from their vacation at Nana and Papa's and the new clothes we got for them this weekend. Then I shall find myself hanging at my desk with my back to the computer and will be scrapping. Yes I will!!

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