09 April 2012

easter 2012

We had a very relaxing and fun Easter. Nana and Papa were here to celebrate with us and Grandpa sent a box of goodies. The kids actually let us sleep in until 8am but after that they were quite insistent that we get up so they could hunt for the eggs the Easter Bunny left. Only one problem with that... they had already scoped out the family room and had found them all. So cute.

Here they are with their baskets before the hunt began.

Here are the contents of their baskets. Not too much candy as they are not big candy kids. There were Reece's peanut butter cups in Kira's eggs and Starburst Jelly Beans in Alex's.

And this was left by the Easter Bunny in our kitchen. So nice of him.

On Saturday we went to the rec center for their annual egg hunt. Thank goodness this year it was sunny and not raining. My parents had decided they didn't want to be peeps again this year. I don't know why... they were pretty cute peeps in their rain gear.

We were standing on the edge of the playground, waiting for them to call Go... Alex took off and landed there. Right past all those eggs!! Then he kept going into the center of the playground stepping over a ton of eggs. So cute. They had 1600 eggs on the playground for this group.

I'd say he did pretty darn good. He was happy.

Kira's age group (6-12) was released into the woods in a staggered start which put her at the end of the entering the woods. She was not happy with her collection, but did get a few more eggs from the rec center and seemed to perk up when we went to visit the Easter Bunny.

This is the only picture I got of the kids with the bunny this year. I didn't even take them to the mall. Not sure what was wrong with me... maybe next year I'll do better. I love how Alex is crossing his legs. So cute.

I finished up one layout that had been hanging out on the desk and am in the process of putting my journaling on a two pager. Hoping I can share those later.

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  1. Once again, awesome photos!! Looove that you guys had such a beautiful Easter!