03 April 2012

where i have been

I should be posting a picture of my bed or my couch as that is where I have been residing since the Book Fair ended and I caught a lovely little bug of a cold. I am miserable. There I will say it. I am not a happy mommy at all. My nose is running like Niagara Falls and I am coughing up my lungs. Trust me it is not pretty. Maybe it's better I don't show you that.

Instead I'll share you some pictures from the Book Fair that I did last week. Here we are when you come into the library. It looked so nice this year. We were full but had less cases. Go figure. It was a good selection of books and every student left with a free brand new book. 

Here I am at our Family Night event with Beremy from Build a Bear Workshop. It helps to have an in to get an appearance by the famous bear. We also handed out free bookmarks. I was quite happy (and not sweating) at that point in the evening.

And here I am with Clifford!! This costume was sent to us by Scholastic for the Fair. It was a great costume and the kids LOVED it. As you can tell... so did I. I'm just a kid at heart.

It was a great book fair and I am happy to have done it but am seriously thinking it was my last. It takes a ton out of me and I think it is time for someone else to have some fun with it. Five years is a long time. Then maybe I can avoid this after Book Fair cold next year.

Sniff sniff... cough cough. Heading outside so that Alex can ride his bike. At least I can get some pictures of that. If I can focus.


  1. I just adore that picture of you, my sweet friend!!

  2. Just back in here to say hello, my beautiful friend!!