12 April 2012

half day = picnic and friends

The kids had a half day of school on Wednesday for the teachers to have a workshop so I planned a picnic and a playground trip with my friend and her kids. Thank goodness the weather cooperated with us and gave us a glorious lovely sunny day. After our picnic I grabbed my little guy and did a photo session for his 6th birthday. I am very happy with the pictures I got. Now to decide which ones make the birthday frame for the year. Such hard decisions.

I will be starting with this one as I am totally in love with it.

Then I was able to wrangle all five kids into smiling for me and sitting still. Not easy and I took MANY pictures to ensure that I got everyone with eyes open and looking at me. Such a cute group we had.

Then today it was off and on rain and sun. Of course not enough rain to help with our drought conditions, but enough to mess up plans to play at the playground after school. grrrr.

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  1. Awesome pictures! And I love that the day was so nice for you!