21 April 2012

start of vacation week

and I was working like a dog today!

My front flower bed. I have a love hate relationship with it. I love it when it is full of pretty flowers and I hate it when the weeds take over and make it downright ugly. The first picture will show you how ugly it can be! I didn't pull a single weed all summer and didn't even bother removing the fall leaves that gathered there. I'm surprised the daffodils managed to bloom through all the junk that was in that bed. This was what I had to work with at 10am this morning. Such a sad looking place.

Poor hubby, he is a trooper. We stopped at Home Depot last night and picked up some new flowers to plant (hoping they take root and are around next spring), some blocks to finish one of the edges, and mulch.

I say poor hubby cuz he was out of town all last week and I know this project was very low on his to do list but he did help me out and planted the eight new plants I bought and helped with the laying of the weed barrier and the mulch. I do hope that weed barrier does its job for me.

Looks pretty nice if I do say so myself. We will be adding more stone blocks at the upper right hand corner and probably get rid of the railroad ties that are pretty gross looking. I am loving the look of the black mulch. We have always used red or brown up there and I think it makes the rocks pop more.

Anywho... hubby and I are both pretty beat. I think I shall call it a night and head to bed. Plus my allergies are in full force tonight due to playing all day outside with plants AND hubby mowing the lawn with me in the bed. Yikes. I'm lucky my eyes haven't fallen out of my head yet. I'll post another picture once we finish up with the blocks.

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  1. Holy beans, lady, that looks 1,800,000 times better! It's so great, I can't even begin to imagine how beautiful it's going to be! Thanks for all that you do, Dave!