21 May 2012

mother's day 2012

Trying to catch up on posting some stuff and I did promise this a few days ago. Been a little slow lately. Yesterday I went without the ACE bandage on my ankle and today I don't think I should have. A bit sore this morning. Hoping to take it easy and get it back to normal... or as normal as I get!

Here's what the kiddos gave to me for mommy's day.

Aren't they just so sweet?? The big pig is soooo soft. The two little piglets are Kira and Alex. Both of which have been adopted by the kids but they did leave me the big piggie who is named Oinky. So cute. Yes they are all Build A Bears.

After breakfast we headed out to see the Avengers. Alex was really looking forward to it. Me and my kiddos as we head out.

At the movie theater with "Captain Thor Alex" He seems to be taking the best of all the heroes. He really wants the IronMan chest piece. We'll see about that.

Alex checking out the dessert menu at Bugaboo where we had dinner after the movie. He was really studying them.

Alex's moose picture. So sad they only give them two colors of crayons with which to color.

And here is Kira's 'evil' moose picture. She is so funny.

Overall it was a great Mommy's Day. Love my kiddos.

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  1. Jeepers, that looks like one of theee best mother's days ever!!