28 May 2012

our friday

Friday was a busy one for the Foltz Family. Kira and Daddy went on the chorus/ band field trip. First they were able to compete in the Great East Festivals competition. Very happy to say that both the chorus and the band won the gold medals!! They are a great group of kids. Here is Kira with two of her good friends holding the award.

The second part of the field trip was to go to Canobie Lake Park to burn off the excess energy. The money for this trip was funded by a pancake breakfast that the kids all had to work at as well as a Dessert and Show they put on. Standing in the splash zone of one of the water rides is always a highlight. Last year it was too cold for Kira (60's) but this year was a tad better so she donned her bathing suit and got soaked. Here she is with the group of girls hubby got to chaperone. He said they were a great group and had a ton of fun.

After they got home from their field trip, we went to Build A Bear for their Friends Reunion. If you brought in one of your Build A Bears, they could get a check up, redressed with ribbons and a free t shirt. Alex took advantage of the bath and the new ribbons for his dog Mickey. Poor dog left with every single color of ribbon on his ears. And he is one healthy puppy.

Kira brought her beagle Benny and I brought my pig Oinky. We even got to take our picture with our friends. So much fun!!

After dinner at the Outback (total splurge on our part), we went to Toys R Us to get Alex the IronMan chest piece he wanted and daddy had promised. While we were there, he HAD to have the mask. It is a tad too big for him, but he looks so adorable in it we gave in. Here he is all set to be IronMan! So cute.

The rest of the weekend has been non eventful. We have done some organizing and cleaning out of things we have and haven't used in years. Pretty laid back but good. I think we can make it until the end of the school year now.

Hoping my next post will have some scrappy goodness in it to share. :)

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  1. Yowzers! What a totally awesome time! And don't you absolutely LOOOVE good kids??!!