15 May 2012

christmas card and tea time

Yes it is that time of the month again where I share a wonderful sketch and a completed Christmas card. I am so loving this group I am a part of and all the inspiration they send out via the internet. I am also very happy that I now have 25 Christmas cards already created and ready to head out to family and friends!! Such a wonderful feeling.

Here is this month's sketch. Doesn't it totally rock??

And here is my take on the sketch. I used a holiday stack I picked up at Michaels recently (as in last year recently) I also used two of my new to me Studio G stamps that I bought off of a scrapping friend. Isn't he the cutest?? I colored in his scarf to match the colors in the card. Trying to figure out why that green snowflake looks so out of place in the picture. It really is the same green as the rest of them.

On last Saturday, I had the pleasure of having a tea with my little lady at the towns rec center. Seriously.... they put on this amazing event with all the money raised going to the local hospital and their womens center so that any woman with or without insurance can go in and have a mammogram and a PAP smear. What a wonderful thing to do.

Kira picked out her own outfit and I was so happy to see this one on her as it is one of my all time favorites I bought for her. Daddy took pictures of us before we left. If you look closely, you'll not only see that she is almost as tall as me!! How the heck did that happen?? But my left ankle is quite large. Yup, I twisted it at the school on Thursday. At the same time I fell on my right knee and palms. I'm sure it was pretty graceful.... NOT!! I tried to disguise the ankle brace with a pair of leggings. I don't think it fooled anyone.

Anywho... the tea was so wonderful. They gave us a lesson on drinking tea and had a bunch of vendors for us to look at and shop at. Plus some raffles which I am happy to say we won!! We have a gift certificate to a local bookstore and a new bulletin board!!

After the tea, I took Kira shopping for some new summer clothes as hers are a tad bit on the short side. I don't think she should be running around in daisy dukes so she needed new shorts. There was a nice sale at Justice and we did pretty well. The best part?? The most amazing time with my girl. We had so much fun. Love that little munchkin of mine.

I need to get my Mother's Day pictures off of the other camera and post them. Keep your eyes posted!!

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  1. OK, I sincerely cannot believe how tall she's gotten! Love that picture of you two! Dangit, I need to take more pictures with my kidlets! And I am sooo sorry that you fell; I hate that, especially since I know that 99% of all spills that I take will result in something broken!