30 June 2012

air show at pease

Okay... hubby and I happened to be in Newington, New Hampshire when the air show was either practicing or having a family event. Not sure which, but there were planes flying all around overhead. They are quite loud in case you haven't been to an air show or even in the direct flight path of these planes. I tried to take some pictures of them as we were driving with my point and shoot camera. Let me tell you, the pictures are awful. So now you are wondering why I would want to share them with you all? It's just how I roll.

I took the liberty of writing on the photos where the planes actually are in the photo so you can see them. You are welcome. :)

Yes I have a Captain Mickey Sparrow antennae cover. Should have pointed that out in the picture too. Guess I will have to do that before I print these.

I probably could have gotten something a little better if I had taken hubby up on his offer to stop the van, but I really wanted to get to Target and get some more DVD sleeves to continue the fun we had been having. See this post to find out about DVD sleeves and all their awesomeness!

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