17 June 2012

pixie dust

In the craziness that was last week, I did manage to get a layout done. I started with a PageMaps sketch and off I went. I love having a starting point, even if the final layout looks nothing like the sketch. It takes so much pressure off of me which makes it easier for me to scrap.

These pictures were taken during the Pirate and Princess Party with Mickey parade. TinkerBell was on top of this treasure chest and would throw out pixie dust on everyone. So darn cool!!

The papers I used were a Bazzill bling for the background and the rest came from a TinkerBell pack of paper I bought at Downtown Disney. The popped Tink in the corner was part of a pack of stickers also purchased at Downtown Disney. The pixie dust was a package of TinkerBell confetti. I glued them down and added small rhinestone blings to the centers in blue, clear and purple. The parenthesis were picked up at CKC one year. The title are rub on letters.

The story behind these pictures and why I used them even though they are quite blurry (she is quite fast as a fairy you know) is one kid in Kira's class was picking on her for having weird color eyes and she was not happy about that at all. I told my dad and he was quite put out that anyone would criticize his granddaughter, especially on her eye color since it is pretty close to his own color. (they are a lovely shade of gray with speckles. If Kira is wearing blue, they turn more blue than gray and when she is wearing green they almost appear green. Magic eyes.) When he came to visit us, he told her that she had very beautiful eyes and that when she visited Disney World in 2006, TinkerBell had sprinkled pixie dust into Kira's eyes when she flew over her head before the fireworks.

While we were at Disney, we told Kira we would make sure that TinkerBell sprinkled more pixie dust into her eyes to keep them so lovely... and wouldn't you know it... she did!! The story will be preserved on the back once I get it printed out. I think it will end up being a tag you can pull out. We'll see.

We all survived the end of the school year. It seems so weird to be out this early in June. We usually have school until late into the 20's of the month. We only had to make up two days this year!! Nice and easy winter. The two days we had to make up were for the hurricane that cancelled the first day of school and then our freak snowstorm on Halloween!! Hoping we are just as lucky next winter.

So I have more pictures to share on the last day of school fun, a couple from Kira's Boston field trip and Kira's friends party. But all that will have to wait. Other things to do right now.

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  1. How Cute!!! I love that! What a great layout :) I love the Pixie Dust ;)